Discover Hexagonica - Unique Handmade Furniture from Ukraine


Hexagonica is a Ukraine-based company established on June 4, 2020, on Etsy - HexagonicaEtsy shop. Over the years, we've become a leading provider of unique handmade wooden furniture with more than 7000 sales worldwide. Our customers' positive feedback serves as proof of our quality workmanship.

As a team of furniture enthusiasts, our main goal is to create lightweight modular furniture that requires no tools or special skills to assemble. All of our products are handmade with wood and plywood, making them eco-friendly and durable. Our furniture pieces are perfect for any room or interior design, fitting seamlessly into any living space.

At Hexagonica, we specialize in creating unique, handmade furniture pieces such as bookshelves, bookcases, dressers with felt bins, standing desks, shoe racks, coat hangers, wooden wall panels, and wall shelves. Our products are carefully crafted with high-quality materials and designed to last a lifetime.All our creations are crafted with heartfelt care for the individuals who will use our furniture and design items.

Each product sample represents a unique author's development with no counterparts worldwide. All solutions undergo rigorous testing in household conditions, consistently surpassing competitors in terms of consumer qualities and indicators. In essence, we use and sell what we build in our store simply because it stands out as the best choice.