Arabic (with back) Wall Shelves 2pcs Set

$159.00 $227.14

Arabic (with back) Wall Shelves 2pcs Set

$159.00 $227.14
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Handmade with love in Ukraine

100% recyclable materials

Eco friendly products made using sertified materials

No tools & screws required


Hexagonica wall shelf is made of high quality sanded plywood.
Processed with certified wood oil wax.

✔Best for greenery (Open frames gives maximum access to the light)
✔No tools or glue needed for assembly (But you can use a rubber mallet to speed up the process)
✔All the fastenings and dowels for wall mounting are included

It will help you to solve the problem with the space organization and it will be a great addition to any interior.
Unique housewarming gift and beautiful piece of handmade furniture.
You can use it as a bookcase, kitchen shelf, plant shelf, shelving unit, or a display case.

Dimensions for une unit (inches):
Height: 13.3
Width: 23.6
Depth: 10.6

The distance between the shelves is 11.9